Thursday, February 28, 2008


We're just sitting here in the office looking at the great interest rates in the title files we're closing and thinking WOW!

Here in our part of Pennsylvania there's been about a 10% correction in market value and buyers should be having a field day. We have a relatively safe real estate marketplace in our neck of the woods - western PA. Except for the shutdown of the mills in the 70s we've not had any major upheavals so values tend to be pretty stable.

Did you know you can buy wonderful Victorians in some parts of our area for less than $50,000? Check out Cambria County and Lawrence County.

You can't believe how many people from out of our area buy great rental properties in Johnstown for less than $25,000.

This is a great place to raise children, too. If you're thinking of relocating to someplace that's just a bit more friendly in more ways than one, western Pennsylvania is the place.

A $40,000 annual income goes a long way here. The cost of living just can't be compared with other parts of the country.

See that picture at the top of the screen? As I write this, I'm turning and looking at our office Kitty sleeping in the sunshine next to the printer and I look through the tree to the snowy hills beyond.

Pittsburgh is the "little, big city" and all the areas surrounding it offer wonderful neighborhoods and rolling countrysides. It's highly livable and I'm proud to call it home. If you're looking for a new place to call home, give it a look see. ;)


Wine Dog said...

It's a spectacular time to buy. I wish I had some extra nickels and dimes laying around right now. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, her husband has done REO's for probably 20 years. They just pass in the night right now, but she said "I would sure like to pick up some of his properties, I just don't have room to do it right now". Me either.

I am hoping to get the farm back to the trough in the next couple of weeks. I think I can get $300-400 off the payment right now. Yeah, it's that bad out here.

Diane Cipa said...

Good luck with the farm.

Some of the REO properties we're closing are unbelievable. These properties are being bought up for less than 50% of a realistic current value. It's firesale pricing for anyone with cash and desire to buy.